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4.John Fanimo, 21

School: London School of Economics (LSE)
Course: Economic History (BA)
Year: Graduated
Grade: 2:1


Budding entrepreneur John set up his own business Fanimo Fitness in his second year of university, after spotting a gap in the market for student health and fitness with a difference. The qualified fitness trainer came up with the idea of creating a community of individuals where each person was given a more personal level of support, and within one week of putting the idea online, he received around 30,000 views and 100 people had registered their interest. After realising the need to move the company from being centred all around him and to make it a bigger movement, he decided to join forces with two other students/certificate trainers to form We Lift, of which he is a majority shareholder. ‘We Lift is not just a fitness programme. We don’t just focus on personal training as we see this replicated a lot. What we like to do is take someone’s body type, eating habits, schedule and other details to build a wholistic picture. Then we look at each individual’s goal and the problems that may be faced based on those personal details and then we look at how we can help in terms of being that accountability partner for them. “In the fitness industry trainers will usually say, I will email you once a week to check up on you but once a week doesn’t really cut it when you are a student. “They want a more personalised approach so we essentially offer almost day-to-day communication and have WhatsApp groups running with certain people, so it’s bigger than the idea of just training people. We Lift has a client list of about 25 people.” John is also the co-founder of another company, Educo Today Ltd, a tutoring business focused on Economics and Maths, which currently has a database of 26 tutors. He is also the Economics tutor specialist for the company.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Investing in my passion projects and working on them all part time. “