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School: Loughborough University
Course: Psychology (BSc)
Year: Graduated
Grade: 2:1



Angella is a strong advocate for raising awareness of mental health which has been heavily reflected in the impressive work she has done while still at university.

This has been demonstrated most following a work placement she undertook at a west London in-patient eating disorder unit for young people. She worked as an assistant phycologist and based on what she observed, published her first research paper. The paper, based on the staff observation of children with the most severe eating disorders, and the impact the way they were being observed had upon them, was extremely helpful to the organisation and led to the hospital implementing some important changes to some of their procedures. This included creating an information leaflet given to patients, after it was found that some felt certain procedures were not explained to them in a way they felt comfortable with. There was also a training day given to leading nurses regarding how to best support young patients who are under arms-distance, 24-hours-a-day monitoring. In addition, the paper was approved to be presented at the Eating Disorders International Conference in London held by eating disorder awareness charity BEAT, which Angella was invited to attend. At press time it had also been submitted to the journal of British Mental Health Nursing.

Angella has also worked hard to raise awareness of mental health on campus. Surprised to find no Psychology Society at Loughborough, she and a course-mate decided to launch their own, where they could put on events including documentary screenings and create a caring environment for people to discuss their feelings on the topic. (Read more about this society on pg. 77)

Angella is keen to help overturn the under-representation of black and minority ethnic people working in clinical psychology.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Working in child and adolescent psychology.