1. Don’t get drunk on power – it is impossible to lead a society if your committee members dislike you – and contrary to what some may think, fear is not respect. Be humble and always listen to and consider the views of others as you don’t know it all.
  2. Use this experience to consciously develop your leadership skills. Afterall, who knows? Today the ACS, tomorrow Parliament!
  3. Work for the good of the people – remember you are leading a society and you should always be thinking about the welfare of your members.
  4. Think outside the box – It is not just about ‘turning up’ and raving, do something that will leave a worthwhile legacy.
  5. Don’t take yourself ‘too’ seriously – It is important to work hard to do a good job, but there is a difference between that and letting the position rule your life. Make sure you consult with your committee, and there will also be times when you will need to go with your own personal instincts. But, overall remember enjoy the experience, otherwise it’s really not worth doing.