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9. Ifeoluwa Adeyemi, 20

School: University of Birmingham
Course: Economics with Japanese (BSc)
Year: Second
Grade Avg.: First Class


Even though he has only just completed his first year of university, Ifeoluwa has made a big impression. In March 2017, he was named as one of “10 exceptional 19-year-olds about to arrive at banks in London” [for internships], by one of the world’s leading financial services careers website, www.e financial careers. Among his many extra-curricular activities, Ifeoluwa is the founder and CEO of IA Entertainment, a company that provides high-quality and “clean forms of entertainment to university students to show them that they don’t have to get drunk to have fun”. He now has over 70 students working as volunteers and in just over a year, the company has made £7,000 and has a market reach of more than 10,000. His 2016 event, The Grand Gospel attracted a crowd of 400, with many attendees “giving their lives to Christ”. It was also the second most trended topic on Twitter that day in the Birmingham area. Unsurprisingly, that same year he was nominated for a Positive Role Model Award at the National Diversity Awards. Ifeoluwa is a Japanese language specialist, having studied the subject for eight years. During sixth form, he was selected to go to Japan by his school, Dartford Grammar, as an ambassador, to build a positive relationship with Kaichi Private School in Wakayam. He was the first student to do this in the school’s 400-plus year history. He subsequently became the only British university student to work with the Japanese Olympics team at the Rio 2016 Games, working as a Japanese Language Specialist in the Accreditation Department. Prior to this, he travelled to Juiz de Fora, Brazil, for six weeks, where he undertook an intense Portuguese training course at a national university. While there, he taught English to less fortunate young people at the Antonio Ferreira Martins School. He also spent time taking care of disabled orphans. Ifeoluwa is the founder of Resolutionz App, which helps people achieve their short and long-term goals through a monetary/points system.